Up Close With California Chrome And Me

[I Am Giving Accreditation And Dedicating This Article To Karen Oman… For Stirring Up Many Precious Memories Back Through my Years With The Thoroughbreds; And Nudging Me To Write The Article!]

I live in Louisville Kentucky; and have been married to my husband Brett for 9 years. I have been in Louisville for over 20 years, and I have no desire to live anywhere else. I love Louisville because… here is where another Passion has been fulfilled. I have loved, and grew up riding horses. My Father was a Cattle Buyer and Livestock Dealer.  His Passion was Horse Racing.   Being my father’s daughter, Thoroughbred  Horse Racing became my Passion at a very young age.  In Fact I used to gallop my Dad’s Thoroughbred, Black Burt,  in our hay field and jog him in the stubble field, to build up his legs and stamina for the races. Burt was a Amazing Thoroughbred, and we were almost inseparable.  I could throw a stock saddle on him and neck rein him on a dime… then at the track they would put the racing tack on him and Black Burt would become a magnificent Race Horse. He was no Stake Horse; but Black Burt was a Winner many times; and I Treasure his Win Pictures.

Black Burt Winning At Fessenden County Fair - 1974  #1

BLACK BURT Wins – Fessenden Cnty Fair – 1974

My first Call into the Ministry was actually to the backside of Thoroughbred Horse Racing, and I spent 25 years, off and on, working in the Thoroughbred Horse Racing Industry in Nebraska, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Jersey, and Kentucky. Even though I am no longer active; the love never dies…It will always be in my blood. I have been truly Blessed to meet wonderful new friends on Facebook, who share my Passion for horse racing.

When we lost BARBARO I was totally devastated, hurt and angry. You see I truly believed that GOD was going to Miraculously Heal Barbaro. I believed that with all my Heart! When he lost his battle with Laminitis… I literally turned my back on Horse Racing and walked away from my Faith.  The LORD is so Loving, Patient and Tender. HE gave me my time of mourning and sulking…then HE gently pulled me back.

BARBARO - My Personal Portrait

BARBARO – My Personal Portrait

I started hearing about this AMAZING Filly who was capturing everyone’s hearts and attention. That Filly was ZENYATTA! GOD used Zenyatta to slowly fill the emptiness in me; to capture a place in my heart; and restore my Passion and Love of Horse Racing.  When she would start her dancing… it would give you cold chills.  I was right there at Churchill Downs when Zenyatta made her run for History in the 2010 Breeders Cup.  She was absolute PERFECTION… even in defeat.



If you truly Love Horse Racing (Like I Do); and it gets into your blood… IT NEVER LEAVES! That Love never dies and you never stop clinging to the HOPE of seeing  One More SECRETARIET… One More BARBARO… One More CIGAR… One More ZENYATTA… One More AMERICAN PHAROAH!

That ONE HORSE whose PRESENCE literally Transcends All Knowledge and Understanding;  who captivates your Heart, ignites the Fire within and restores your Passion at the same time. When he runs…the ground shakes, the clouds part and the GLORY Of GOD shines bright. He may not have won the “TRIPLE CROWN,” but CALIFORNIA CHROME won the hearts of people all over the world… both in and out of Horse Racing.  Back in 2014, when he made his quest for the Triple Crown; someone quoted this statement: “California Chrome has touched lives who don’t know the difference between a furlong and a footlong!”

California Chrome Makes In Winning Move In Dubai

California Chrome’s Winning Move In Dubai

2015 belongs to AMERICAN PHAROAH… and rightfully so, as he was AMAZING all year long; and did conquer the Elusive Triple Crown. Little did we know what GOD had in store for 2016.

WOW!!! CALIFORNIA CHROME COMES BACK… Bigger, Stronger, Better… and takes 2016 with a vengance.  Our BELOVED CC continues to have a prolific effect on the Horse Racing Industry… both here in the US and International. Just watching his videos will start the adrenalin pumping and bring tears to your eyes. None of the media coverage or videos, however touching, can begin to compare to the overwhelming ecstasy of having… one on one… up close and personal… quality visits with our BELOVED CC. I have been truly BLESSED to have three of those visits. The first was during KENTUCKY DERBY week…and it was Amazing and Exciting. The two I treasure the most were at TAYLOR MADE. Watching the looks of pure ecstatic JOY on the faces of my friends… Joan, Kitty, Mary, And Sonya.. when they are standing next to CC in the stall… To be able to give them this opportunity and share my Love of Horse Racing with them is… MY GREATEST BLESSING!!!

California Chrome - With my Friend Joan


CALIFORNIA CHROME Truly Loves Life. When CC is at Los Alamitos; He is the WARRIOR; constantly preparing for the battle with his next Goliath. His life is perfectly structured… scheduled early morning training; (galloping and jogging), healthy diet and hydration, proper quality rest, playtime for rolling in the sand, which is extremely beneficial to CC’S health. When he rolls, he is stretching all the muscles in his spine, neck, barrel, flanks, and buttocks. Rolling also helps to maintain good flexibility. I would never be forgiven if I left out Chrome’s (Healthy) Cookies. Last but definitely not least; Art and Alan schedule weekly timed Works for California Chrome… all predominantly geared to one ultimate goal… to keep our Beloved CC… Fitter, Stronger, Healthier And Happy.  Now that is what I would call… A Winning Formula!!

CALIFORNIA CHROME is truly BLESSED to have the best of both worlds. One of the Greatest Blessings GOD gave California Chrome;  was TAYLOR  MADE… becoming one of his principle owners.  CC also Loves his future home at Taylor Made. There he is the CHAMPION among Champions… A GENTLE GIANT. Totally opposite from the life of Horse Racing. CC is pampered and treated like the KING he is; with endless hands giving him his (Mrs Pastures) cookies. He has his own beautiful paddock (with a luxurious sand pit) to run, kick up his heels and roll to his heart’s content. Our Beloved Chrome also thrives on all the Attention and Love from his adoring fans.

One very special way that our Beloved CC has touched me deeply and changed my life; is through a wonderful Family Group on Facebook… CALIFORNIA CHROME-UP CLOSE! I felt impressed to Create this group because when I would look for California Chrome updates; I could never seem to find any and it was quite discouraging. Words can’t describe the JOY and the LOVE I feel for; and receive from this Amazing Family. I am constantly researching my faithful sources on Twitter and Facebook; and finding new sources; to provide articles, interviews, photos, videos and other updates on our Beloved CC. It is so rewarding to see all the comments; and everyone sharing their excitement and support. The BIBLE tells us: It is much more BLESSED to Give than to Receive…but in our California Chrome-Up Close Family; I can honestly say I am truly BLESSED both ways!!

Linda M Davis – Video Of Our Glorious Visit With CC… | Facebook

CALIFORNIA CHROME is about to endeavor upon his journey for the later half of 2016. I know in my heart of hearts that the LORD placed His Stamp and assigned Guardian Angels to guide and protect CC, on the day he was born. HE has given me signs to confirm this at different times… the most significant was in Dubai World Cup.  Please continue to keep our Beloved CC in constant Prayer. He still has more than one Goliath in his path, yet to conquer.

Precious Moments Of Prayer With CC

Precious Moments Of Prayer With CC


Is Your Body Really PROTECTED? Insights For Healthy Living!

That is a very important question every one of us should be asking on a daily basis.  Your body is in the process of ingesting from the minute you are born, to the day you die.

In this day and age, with all the smog, smoke, chemicals, airborne viruses, and allergies, do you consider the air that you breathe to be safe and beneficial to your body?  You need to be astutely aware and well informed about everything you ingest.

Water is another vital necessity to life.  A normal healthy body should be drinking at least 64 ounces of water a day.  I can tell you, with certainty, that the water that comes out of your tap is definitely not safe.

I have tested tap and bottled water;   what I have seen will literally make you sick.  Many diseases are traced back to our drinking water.  Again I say “Stay well informed!”  Please do not drink tap water; drink water that is purified by Reverse Osmosis.

Stay informed with Insights for Healthy Living!   

How can the food we consume on a regular basis be considered safe and effective in a positive way. Considering all the chemicals, additives, substitutes, preservatives, fillers and hormones that are being put into our meats, fruits and vegetables…I don’t think so.  The only healthy choice is organic and natural supplementation.  Even then you need to stay well informed.  Please start reading labels,  and the ingredients of what you are putting into your body.

Our skin is also an essential avenue of ingestion.   There are so many fancy oils, creams, gels and lotions out on the market today.  If you will take the time to read the ingredients; very few are pure, natural and safe for your body.  Here is another tip….If you are using Pure Filtered Healthy Water; your body will produce it’s own oils, and  your skin will feel smooth as velvet.   (More Healthy Insights)

Have you ever considered this …Every thing that you allow your eyes to see: TV Commercials, Movies, Books, Magazines, Bumperstickers, Bill Boards and the Internet; is constantly being absorbed and becoming one with your body.

Think about your ears…What are you listening to on a regular basis?  Radio, Music, CD’s, conversations, etc.  You need to stay well informed to discern good from evil.

You are a very precious commodity, and your body is The Temple of the Lord.  It’s never too late to start treating your body like a temple.  When treated with Love and Care; your body has the unique ability to naturally heal itself.

Don’t put it off!  Start today!   Choose to apply these insights and keep your body protected and healthy.
I have enjoyed sharing this vital information with you, and will be providing more  Insights for Healthy Living. Because  I know you value your health; come back often to read my future posts.

It is my Passion to keep you well informed… To help you give your body what it needs…

To Be The Very Best It Can Be For You!

Blessings &  Divine Health


Is Pain Your Raging Enemy? Stand Firm! Believe And Receive!

 Isaiah: 53-5   He was wounded for our transgressions, the chastisement of our Peace was upon him, and by His Stripes we are healed.

Pain is not a simple four letter word.  On the contrary… pain is complex, complicated, confusing and compelling; appearing to have multi-level characteristics.  It is most definitely omni-present.  It will attack whomever, whenever and wherever it so pleases.  The attacks can be physical, emotional and spiritual.

Pain can actually be your friend when you heed the first warning it gives.  Unfortunately, too many of us tend to ignore that warning.  We choose to tolerate the pain, convinced that it will just go away…many times it does.

There is another side to this four letter word when pain literally becomes your raging enemy.  When you are in the battle with pain, it affects your body, your mind, your will and your emotions. It will affect every area of your life; if you don’t resist it.

The Word of God tells us to stand firm in Faith; resist the enemy; and he will flee.  Remember I just told you earlier that pain is your enemy.  The Word also tells us in the book of James that the Prayer of Faith will heal the sick; and the Lord will raise him up.

I speak from personal experience when I say…The battle with pain (whatever form it comes in)  is not to be taken lightly.  You will become weary; but don’t faint.  Refuse to accept the pain!

Sometimes God chooses to heal pain instantly.  Although many times His plan is for us to stand firm in Faith and speak His Word until the battle is won.  You see Jesus already took every sickness, disease and pain upon himself, when He went to the cross.  It is up to you and I to take the Authority He has given us; and walk in it.

I would like to share with you my profession of Faith that I am presently using to win my battle with pain. Hopefully it will help someone else in their battle.



If pain is your raging enemy…Stand Firm!  Believe & Receive Your Healing!




Can Antibiotics Become An Addiction? Astounding Truths For You!

In order to answer this question, we need to learn more about addiction and antibiotics;  and compare the characteristics of each.

ADDICTION is being abnormally tolerant to and dependent on something that is potentially physically or psychologically habit-forming; and primarily detrimental to health and wellbeing. More times than not; people do not even realize, or recognise having an addiction; until it is too late. They have this overpowering sense of need; that spirals totally out of control.

Addiction has two defining characteristics: Physical Dependency and Tolerance.

You are probably saying to yourself: “What in the world does all this have to do with antibiotics?” I am glad you asked. I hope to answer that question for you by providing you with some truths you may not know.

ANTIBIOTICS is a substance, such as penicillin or streptomycin, derived from certain fungi, bacteria, and other organisms, that can destroy or inhibit the growth of other microorganisms. They can be broad-spectrum (active against a wide range of pathogens) or specific (active against one); primarily used in the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.

If antibiotics are so successful in fighting infection; why are patients continually returning to their doctor saying: “Doc! This medication that you gave me is not working; I need something stronger. I am still sick.”… Here is another scenerio: They build up a resistance to the antibiotic; causing the medication to have no effect. Are you beginning to see some similarities between addiction and antibiotics?

Prolonged use of antibiotics is harmful to the good bacteria in your body, which is vital to your wellbeing. When this happens other complications present themselves. Maybe you will relate to some of these: diarrhea; constipation; allergies; nausea & vomitting and the list goes on. Plus all these miserable symptoms; your immune system is weakened, and you are vulnerable to every germ and “superbug” that comes along.

Antibiotics Are Not Effective Against Flus And Viral Infections!

Now if that is not enough food for thought…Here is another astounding truth for you to digest. Antibiotics are often used on industrial farms;  to treat sick animals and control poor sanitation.  In fact…70 % of all antibiotics sold in the U.S. are given to healthy food animals.

No wonder we are building up resistance and developing addiction to these harmful drugs. We are actually ingesting antibiotics; on a daily basis; through most of the meats that we eat! Folks! That is one staggering and scary thought!

I have clearly stated to you that the “Cons outweigh the Pros” when it comes to antibiotics. Now! What are we going to do about it?

It is time to open your ears and your eyes to the benefits of natural alternatives. I have been taking a natural supplement… Nano Silver, (that changed my life and restored my health) for over two years. Contrary to antibiotics; Nano Silver does not harm your good bacteria;  it destroys virus and bad bacteria; it provides benefits that will boggle the mind! Instead of waiting for the next “superbug to get you; make the change today.


Blessings & Health

kentucky gal


Why Nano Silver Sol? The Rest Of The Story!

Is having  “A FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE”  important to you and your loved ones?

Having a first line of defence at your disposal simply means that you and your whole household will have the protection it needs from potential pathogenic threats.

SILVER SOL TECHNOLOGY is available in two forms:

SILVER SOL SOLUTION has been proven safe, non-toxic and highly effective against:  food poisoning, pneumonia, boils, moles, eye infections, sinus infections, skin infections, respiratory infections, yeast infections, bladder infections, staph infections, viruses, fungi, exotic flus and diseases.  It is taken orally and is completely tasteless and odorless.  It is completely safe to spray in your eyes, your nose and your throat.

SILVER SOL GEL is a another miraculous product; being used in hospitals, burn units and cancer clinics for disinfection, wound and skin care.  It is also been proven safe, non toxic and highly effective against: burns, radiation burns, open wounds, sunburns, fungus, yeast and staph infections (MRSA) and much more.

Silver Sol Solution and Silver Sol Gel are completely safe and beneficial for both humans and animals. You can feel good about giving it to your new born baby, your great grandma, your pets and everyone else that you love.

Water 4 Life…Are you Giving Oxygen To Your Cells?


Do you need relief from all those recurring symptoms?

No matter what symptoms you are suffering from; the most vital element here on earth is Oxygen.  Life, as we know it, could not exist without it.  It has been proven that a person can go weeks without water, and he can survive without food for months.  Oxygen, however, needs to be replaced on a second-to-second, minute-by-minute basis for life to continue.

Without Oxygen You Will Die Within A Matter Of Minutes!The supply of oxygen here on earth appears to be declining, and research has determined that the oxygen in our atmosphere today has decreased to one-third.  It is continuing to decline; due to air pollution and depletion of our natural resources.

As a result of these facts; our bodies are becoming oxygen deficient. This deficiency causes tremendous stress, because the body is striving to get the oxygen it needs to function properly.  Do you see now why giving oxygen to your cells is so vital to your overall wellness?

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Is Your Tap Water Causing Toxic Water Infirmities?

A few years back I saw an add for employment that intruigued me.  They were hiring agents to go into homes and do tests on tap water. If you remember from earlier posts, I have been on a quest for healthy living, so I was extremely eager to learn all about this.

I went through extensive training to be qualified to go into peoples homes.  I did various tests on their water,  allowing  them to see, with their own eyes, how unhealthy and toxic tap water is.

During training, my instructor demonstrated each one of the tests, with a script that provided information for each one. I will never forget the day he did the comparison test on my tap water.  My eyes were wide eyed and I was literally sick to my stomach. I could clearly see and understand how tap water could cause toxic water infirmities in my body.  From that startling experience, I vowed to myself, I would never drink tap water again, and I have kept that vow.

Cleanse Your System! Get Better Health Restored!

Are you feeling sluggish, bloated, fluctuating between irritable and depressed? Is your digestive system always giving you fits?  Do you have problems with constipation and / or constant gas, weight gain, headaches?

It has been researched and proven that “cleansing your system” is vital to getting “better health restored.”  As we go about our daily activities, our bodies are constantly consuming  toxins that are detrimental to having a healthy body.  Those toxins need to be removed for optimum health.

The best solution I have found is to do a Total Body Cleanse.  It can give you a fresh boost of energy, help reduce stress and fatigue levels, and restore the pH balance of the body. If you remember in my previous article on pH, I explained to you how chronic illness is directly related to having an improper body pH.

The difference you will experience in “cleansing your system” is night and day for your body and your mind.  I know this because… I have much “better health restored” since I started cleansing daily.  Yes!  I actually said DAILY!  I recently found a Total Body Cleanse that is extremely effective, yet gentle on your system. Another bonus of Q Daily Cleanse is… the taste is pleasantly tolerable. You will not only feel the difference inside, others will notice the difference outside as well.

Is there something about your Health you would like to change? Watch this informative Webinar with Dr Ted Shock.

I would like to discuss some significant benefits from cleansing.

KIDNEYS:  The kidneys are responsible for many vital functions throughout the entire body. They filter the blood, and are crucial in absorbing water, amino acids, and glucose.  The kidneys also regulate the electrolytes in the bloodstream.  I hope this helps you to clearly understand the importance of cleansing your kidneys on a regular basis to have “better health restored.”

COLON:  The colon is imperative to maintaining optimum health. The primary function of the colon is to eliminate waste products and toxins from the body.  When the body is overloaded with toxins, the immune system is suppressed, and the pH is lowered. Bad bacteria thriving in a colon causes a low pH. This creates an environment for parasites and other types of poisons to be absorbed into the circulatory system.  Most of the vitamins and minerals that we digest from our foods, are absorbed through the colon.  When we have some type of deficiency, it is primarily caused from having a dirty colon.

I am sure that all of you are familiar with IBS;  probably many of you have suffered with this extremely uncomfortable and unhealthy condition.  I can state that with all honesty, because I suffered with IBS for years, before knowing what I know today about cleansing. This is not a pretty subject to talk about, but people need to be aware of this vital information.


LIVER:   Many people today continue to struggle with weight gain and a slow metabolism.  The liver is the major fat burning organ in the body. Simply put…Your liver is the magic key to weight loss and properly balanced metabolism. The liver is the main organ that protects our immune system from toxin overload.  The liver builds the blood and cleans it, therefore it is called the “blood factory” of the body. It also regulates every activity of the body. You can see that the liver is the hardest working organ in the body, and extremely vital to cleansing your system… to have “better health restored.”

There are numerous life changing benefits received from doing a Total Body Cleanse DAILY. I have only touched on three major ones in this article. Through cleansing you will come to know your body on a whole new level. You will learn exactly what it needs, how often it needs it, and what it will and will not tolerate.

I have said this before; but it bears repeating.  Your Health Is Much Too Valuable To Lose.













Maintain A Proper Ph…Prevent (acid waste build up)!

When you hear the word Acidosis, your body is giving you a “yellow flashing light.”  Ignoring this caution sign could cost you more than you know.  This is a serious warning.  Your body is telling you that it has excess (acid waste build up). Having too much acid waste is a primary cause of all disease.

Approximately 80 to 90 percent of all that our body consumes is considered acid forming, due to air and environmental pollution, toxic water, chemical food additives, medications,  etc.  All these factors have a dramatic impact on the pH of the body, therefore resulting in (acid waste build up.)

Having an acidic pH is a primary cause of decay and complications in the colon.  This produces many dangerous acids that have a detrimental effect on the cells, organs, glands and body functions.  It is a proven fact: When you get sick, it is because your body has an acidic pH.  Research has proven a definite connection between pH and chronic illness. Total healing is only possible when the blood is restored to a normal alkaline pH.

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