Nano Silver Technology!

For centuries, silver has been known to possess antiseptic, disinfectant, and germicidal properties; to  boost your immune system to fight off dangerous pathogens commonly found in our environment today.

Nano Silver Technology has been proven effective against… bacteria, viruses, mold, fungi, yeast and parasites, even deadly ones.

I would like to pose some questions to you…

1. Have you been disillusioned  by having your doctor tell you that he can’t find any medical results for the syptoms you are having?
2. Are you discouraged because no matter how much medication you take; there is no improvement on your condition?
3.  Do you feel like there is no hope of getting better?
4. Are you tired of just being “sick and tired” all the time?
5. Do you live in fear of being the next victim of a deadly flu or virus?
6. Have you or a loved one ever been afflicted with MRSA?

These are very legitimate questions that people all over the world, just like you and I, are asking on a daily basis.  They are desperately searching for answers to get some glimmer of hope.  Maybe you, or someone close to you, can relate to any one of these situations.

I can relate!  There was a period in my life when I had resigned myself to believing  that I would never be healthy again.  That was not true for me; and it does not have to be true for you.  I am here to tell you!  There is an answer… There is Hope!
I would like to explain a little about what this technology is and it’s delivery system in the body.

Nano Silver Technology is a solution made up of silver particles, suspended in water. This silver solution destroys or disables microorganisms which are hazardous to the human body.  Nano Silver Sol consists of patented nano silver technology that has been proven… SAFE, NON-TOXIC and HIGHLY EFFECTIVE.   It is an excellent first line of defense that every single household needs.

I have much more to share with you about the many uses of this Nano Silver Techology, and my personal testamony of how it restored me back to perfect health.

Are you searching for answers like I was?
Don’t miss the rest of the story!

Why Nano Silver Technology…The Rest Of The Story!

Is having  “A FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE”  important to you and your loved ones?

Having a first line of defence at your disposal simply means that you and your whole household will have the protection it needs from potential pathogenic threats.

SILVER SOL TECHNOLOGY is available in two forms:
SILVER SOL SOLUTION has been proven safe, non-toxic and highly effective against:  food poisoning, pneumonia, boils, moles, eye infections, sinus infections, skin infections, respiratory infections, yeast infections, bladder infections, staph infections, viruses, fungi, exotic flus and diseases. It is taken orally and is completely tasteless and odorless.  You can also spray it in your eyes, your nose and your throat.

SILVER SOL GEL is a another miraculous product; being used in hospitals, burn units and cancer clinics for disinfection, wound and skin care.  It is also been proven safe, non toxic and highly effective against: burns, radiation burns, open wounds, sunburns, fungus, yeast and staph infections (MRSA) and much more.

Silver Sol Solution and Silver Sol Gel are completely safe and beneficial for both humans and animals. You can feel good about giving it to your new born baby, your great grandma, your pets and everyone else that you love.

Here is My Personal Testamony with New Silver Solution:

My story begins back in 2000 when I was working with Thoroughbreds at Churchill Downs. My normal day would start around 3:30 am.  This particular morning we were well into training, when around 8:30am I began to feel queezy, so I went to the ladies restroom.  All three of my fillies were already back in their stalls, so I felt it was OK to leave the barn.

By the time I reached the restroom, I was beginning to experience extremely acute and strange symptoms all at the same time. ( explosive diarrhea, head feeling like it was going to explode, vomitting, dizziness, loss of balance )  This continued for over an hour; and then the symptoms began to subside.

Anyone that knows me; knows that my Horses always come first so I went back to the barn to finish my work.  I didn’t tell anyone because I didn’t want to be sent home.  As the morning progressed, I began to go downhill, but I was determined to finish working with my fillies.  By the time I finished with my last filly, I literally crawled out of her stall on my hands and knees.  Everyone had left the barn by the time I finished. My strength was totally gone, and I was having a very difficult time keeping my focus and my balance.  I made it to my car and called my girlfriend and she stayed on the cell phone with me and was at my apartment by the time I got there.

I know God sent angels to drive me home that day because I don’t remember it.  I remember being in and out of consciousness and my girlfriend was there beside me in the emergency room.

There had been a confirmed case of West Nile Virus at Churchill Downs one week earlier, and I was experiencing symptoms of the virus.  They did all kinds of tests on me and could’t find any results, but they DID NOT test for West Nile.  They kept me for about 36 hours and then the doctor came in and told me that I needed alot of rest and I would get more rest at home so I was released.
I kept going down hill and I was sent to Specialists who would tell me the same thing:  “We aren’t finding any results for any results for the symptoms that you are experiencing.  I was in a Cancer Specialist office and I could barely stand up, and he tells me the very same thing; then he looks at me and says:  “Are you sure that you are not depressed!   If I had had any strength at all in my body, I would have knocked him on the floor; and I told him just that!  You have to understand, two weeks earlier I was a vibrant, extremely healthy woman, and now I felt like I was slowly dying. One of my closest friends suggested I go her doctor.  He is an MD / Nutritionist and almost impossible to get an appointment with.
The Lord, once again, made a way where there seemed to be no way.  I got into to see him in two days.  He started me on IV Therapy and sent for my records. I had told him what the other doctors kept telling me.  When he received my records and examined them I saw the look on his face and it scared me.  He walked out of the office and I thought a bomb hit the office.  After a few minutes he came back in, looked at me and said:  “I need to apologize to you for the entire Medical Industry.  You have a fever of 104+, your wbc is “off the wall”, rbc is “off the wall”, your Hem/Hgb is “off the wall” and you are completely anemic; and they are saying you are depressed!!!”  He kept me on IV Therapy and I had to give my self B12 & Magnesium injections for 3 months (ouch).  This doctor taught me a lot and started me on my journey of research into health & nutrition.

I survived the attack but my immune system never seemed to be the same.

I started working as a Medical Assistant and I would catch everything that the patients would bring into the office. No matter how healthy I ate, or what suppliments I would take , I was not that same strong, vibrant and healthy woman.

In April of 2009 I was introduced to the most incredible product.  It truly is “My Miracle ” and I will explain to you why.  Exactly one hour after I started taking  Nano Silver Sol  I started experiencing all the symptoms of West Nile; just like I had back in 2000.  I was getting very sick again and I was’t sure what to do.  My sponsor and I called the company, who in turn called the manufacturer, and out of thousands and thousands of testimonies, no one ever experienced side effects.  Should I stop taking this product, or should I trust and keep taking it?  I heard a small voice within me say  “trust & detox” so I doubled the dose.   A  battle raged on in my body for 5 days.  I was very sick and uncomfortable, but on the 6th day; EVERY SYMPTOM WAS GONE.  From that day to now I have not had a cold, virus, sinus, allergies, yeast, bladder or kidney infection.

At age 63 I am strong, vibrant and healthier than I was in my 40’s.  I have a burning passion to educate and help others live healthy. I sincerely believe, with all my heart, that everyone:  newborn to 90+, needs “Nano Silver Sol

Don’t Wait Until The Next Deadly Virus, or Exotic Flu Hits You or Someone You Love!


8 Responses to “Nano Silver Technology!”

  • Comment from Ken Thompson

    It does seem like every year a new disease emerges, West Nile, The Swine Flu, each more deadly than the last. IT is a good thing to have a line of defense that won’t compromise your immune unlike antibiotics your body can actually build up a tolerance level for.

  • Great post, nice looking blog Linda and I know you will do great here as I know how passionate you are to this and also know how much this has made a difference in your life – keep up the great work – Blog Love

    Skype: nancyradlinger

  • Comment from Lynn Rios

    You go girl! Keep telling them Linda. If only more people would look at the research so they would understand that this is a safe natural alternative that works better than antibiotics without the negative effects.

  • Amen Lynn! If only others could experience the life changing benefits that you and I have; they would be shouting too.

  • Comment from Tony

    Well, I have to tell you. I started using this solution just recently due to a bad case of bronchitis after trying everything else naturally. Within the next 3-4 days, I started to get MUCH better where I could finally breathe right. I’m not big on “solutions”, just mainly one that sticks to my minerals and vitamins. But I was very impressed with this product and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a natural alternative to maintain and strengthen their immune system.

  • Comment from Tammie Perry

    I have to say this is a wonderful post Linda. I too use Silver and it is the best out there that I have found as well. I even use it for my grandchildren. I works great. I too hope that people would really try this and see for themselves how much of a help it is especially for those things that “Doctors” say we have to just let them “run their course”. Keep up the good work- Blog Love

  • Comment from susie moore

    This is wonderful Linda. I am amazing at this product. Soon I will be able to order some. I look forward to using it.

    Thanks for the post.

    Susie moore
    skype smsforce

  • Comment from Caiden

    Great aritlce, thank you again for writing.

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