Up Close With California Chrome And Me

[I Am Giving Accreditation And Dedicating This Article To Karen Oman… For Stirring Up Many Precious Memories Back Through my Years With The Thoroughbreds; And Nudging Me To Write The Article!]

I live in Louisville Kentucky; and have been married to my husband Brett for 9 years. I have been in Louisville for over 20 years, and I have no desire to live anywhere else. I love Louisville because… here is where another Passion has been fulfilled. I have loved, and grew up riding horses. My Father was a Cattle Buyer and Livestock Dealer.  His Passion was Horse Racing.   Being my father’s daughter, Thoroughbred  Horse Racing became my Passion at a very young age.  In Fact I used to gallop my Dad’s Thoroughbred, Black Burt,  in our hay field and jog him in the stubble field, to build up his legs and stamina for the races. Burt was a Amazing Thoroughbred, and we were almost inseparable.  I could throw a stock saddle on him and neck rein him on a dime… then at the track they would put the racing tack on him and Black Burt would become a magnificent Race Horse. He was no Stake Horse; but Black Burt was a Winner many times; and I Treasure his Win Pictures.

Black Burt Winning At Fessenden County Fair - 1974  #1

BLACK BURT Wins – Fessenden Cnty Fair – 1974

My first Call into the Ministry was actually to the backside of Thoroughbred Horse Racing, and I spent 25 years, off and on, working in the Thoroughbred Horse Racing Industry in Nebraska, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Jersey, and Kentucky. Even though I am no longer active; the love never dies…It will always be in my blood. I have been truly Blessed to meet wonderful new friends on Facebook, who share my Passion for horse racing.

When we lost BARBARO I was totally devastated, hurt and angry. You see I truly believed that GOD was going to Miraculously Heal Barbaro. I believed that with all my Heart! When he lost his battle with Laminitis… I literally turned my back on Horse Racing and walked away from my Faith.  The LORD is so Loving, Patient and Tender. HE gave me my time of mourning and sulking…then HE gently pulled me back.

BARBARO - My Personal Portrait

BARBARO – My Personal Portrait

I started hearing about this AMAZING Filly who was capturing everyone’s hearts and attention. That Filly was ZENYATTA! GOD used Zenyatta to slowly fill the emptiness in me; to capture a place in my heart; and restore my Passion and Love of Horse Racing.  When she would start her dancing… it would give you cold chills.  I was right there at Churchill Downs when Zenyatta made her run for History in the 2010 Breeders Cup.  She was absolute PERFECTION… even in defeat.



If you truly Love Horse Racing (Like I Do); and it gets into your blood… IT NEVER LEAVES! That Love never dies and you never stop clinging to the HOPE of seeing  One More SECRETARIET… One More BARBARO… One More CIGAR… One More ZENYATTA… One More AMERICAN PHAROAH!

That ONE HORSE whose PRESENCE literally Transcends All Knowledge and Understanding;  who captivates your Heart, ignites the Fire within and restores your Passion at the same time. When he runs…the ground shakes, the clouds part and the GLORY Of GOD shines bright. He may not have won the “TRIPLE CROWN,” but CALIFORNIA CHROME won the hearts of people all over the world… both in and out of Horse Racing.  Back in 2014, when he made his quest for the Triple Crown; someone quoted this statement: “California Chrome has touched lives who don’t know the difference between a furlong and a footlong!”

California Chrome Makes In Winning Move In Dubai

California Chrome’s Winning Move In Dubai

2015 belongs to AMERICAN PHAROAH… and rightfully so, as he was AMAZING all year long; and did conquer the Elusive Triple Crown. Little did we know what GOD had in store for 2016.

WOW!!! CALIFORNIA CHROME COMES BACK… Bigger, Stronger, Better… and takes 2016 with a vengance.  Our BELOVED CC continues to have a prolific effect on the Horse Racing Industry… both here in the US and International. Just watching his videos will start the adrenalin pumping and bring tears to your eyes. None of the media coverage or videos, however touching, can begin to compare to the overwhelming ecstasy of having… one on one… up close and personal… quality visits with our BELOVED CC. I have been truly BLESSED to have three of those visits. The first was during KENTUCKY DERBY week…and it was Amazing and Exciting. The two I treasure the most were at TAYLOR MADE. Watching the looks of pure ecstatic JOY on the faces of my friends… Joan, Kitty, Mary, And Sonya.. when they are standing next to CC in the stall… To be able to give them this opportunity and share my Love of Horse Racing with them is… MY GREATEST BLESSING!!!

California Chrome - With my Friend Joan


CALIFORNIA CHROME Truly Loves Life. When CC is at Los Alamitos; He is the WARRIOR; constantly preparing for the battle with his next Goliath. His life is perfectly structured… scheduled early morning training; (galloping and jogging), healthy diet and hydration, proper quality rest, playtime for rolling in the sand, which is extremely beneficial to CC’S health. When he rolls, he is stretching all the muscles in his spine, neck, barrel, flanks, and buttocks. Rolling also helps to maintain good flexibility. I would never be forgiven if I left out Chrome’s (Healthy) Cookies. Last but definitely not least; Art and Alan schedule weekly timed Works for California Chrome… all predominantly geared to one ultimate goal… to keep our Beloved CC… Fitter, Stronger, Healthier And Happy.  Now that is what I would call… A Winning Formula!!

CALIFORNIA CHROME is truly BLESSED to have the best of both worlds. One of the Greatest Blessings GOD gave California Chrome;  was TAYLOR  MADE… becoming one of his principle owners.  CC also Loves his future home at Taylor Made. There he is the CHAMPION among Champions… A GENTLE GIANT. Totally opposite from the life of Horse Racing. CC is pampered and treated like the KING he is; with endless hands giving him his (Mrs Pastures) cookies. He has his own beautiful paddock (with a luxurious sand pit) to run, kick up his heels and roll to his heart’s content. Our Beloved Chrome also thrives on all the Attention and Love from his adoring fans.

One very special way that our Beloved CC has touched me deeply and changed my life; is through a wonderful Family Group on Facebook… CALIFORNIA CHROME-UP CLOSE! I felt impressed to Create this group because when I would look for California Chrome updates; I could never seem to find any and it was quite discouraging. Words can’t describe the JOY and the LOVE I feel for; and receive from this Amazing Family. I am constantly researching my faithful sources on Twitter and Facebook; and finding new sources; to provide articles, interviews, photos, videos and other updates on our Beloved CC. It is so rewarding to see all the comments; and everyone sharing their excitement and support. The BIBLE tells us: It is much more BLESSED to Give than to Receive…but in our California Chrome-Up Close Family; I can honestly say I am truly BLESSED both ways!!

Linda M Davis – Video Of Our Glorious Visit With CC… | Facebook

CALIFORNIA CHROME is about to endeavor upon his journey for the later half of 2016. I know in my heart of hearts that the LORD placed His Stamp and assigned Guardian Angels to guide and protect CC, on the day he was born. HE has given me signs to confirm this at different times… the most significant was in Dubai World Cup.  Please continue to keep our Beloved CC in constant Prayer. He still has more than one Goliath in his path, yet to conquer.

Precious Moments Of Prayer With CC

Precious Moments Of Prayer With CC


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2 Responses to “Up Close With California Chrome And Me”

  • Comment from Karen

    Great story Linda. You describe your passions for the Lord, horses, racing and CC so well. Gets me excited for his next races. Love the picture of Black Burt. Hope you can post this on your other site and share with others. Your background is really unique.

    • Comment from admin

      Thank You Karen, If it weren’t for you, this might never have been written… I guess it was time because the words just came pouring out. You took me back to some of the happiest years of my life! GOD BLESS YOU, My Friend!!!

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